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So what are the benefits of selling your home for cash fast?

Listing with agent

Traditionally buyers believe they can get higher sales prices with real estate agents but that can come at a cost.

While you might possibly be able to get a higher list price, you’re burdened with the uncertainty of out of pocket expenses, timeline and stress that this process encompasses.

We buy houses for cash

Why not just sell your home to a professional home buyer.

This strategy is not only fast but convienent and might we mention hassle free. So if you’re willing to provide flexibility on price this option is for you!

For so many, selling at a lower price just makes sense and you don’t have to deal with commissions, fees and a rather lengthy timeline when you consider the cost of carrying your house.

Which option is best for you? Sell Florida Properties Fast logo Agent
Process Convenient and simple Uncertain and complex
Timeline 7 days on average Typically 6 months
Commissions None! On average 6%
Closing costs We pay all closing costs On average 2%
Repairs needed to sell We buy “as is”. Don’t worry about repairs or cleaning. Most likely
Upfront costs Nothing! Typically
Number showings 1 and done! Several
Closing date You pick the closing date Contingent on the seller
Sale contingent on buyer financing We’re ready to pay in cash fast as quickly as today 15% of sales fall through
Sale contingent on home appraisal No Typically
Sale contingent on sale of the buyer’s property No In most cases, yes
Sale contingent on official home inspection No Of course

Which option is best for you?

Need to unload your property due to extenuating circumstances or just eager to sell? We’ll help you sell your home quick for cash! Forget the traditional route which may cost you more time and money in the long run. Work with us and sell your home at a reasonable discount today. We encourage you to run the numbers and see which option works best for you!

Sell Florida Properties Fast, Florida’s trusted cash home buying specialist.