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Sell your home quick!

We understand there are various reasons our customers want to sell their homes and we’re here for you when that time comes.


Property in Need
of Repairs

In over your head?

We’ll purchase your home “as is” for cash today!


Tired Landlord?

Break free from the hassles of owning a rental property.

Ready for a new investment? Sell your house quickly with a quick all-cash offer.



Crucial medical expenses, loss of income, or surprise critical expenses can turn your finances upside down.

We’ll help them turn back around with a quick all cash offer.


Additional property challenges…

Downsizing, retirement, inherited house, transitioning seniors, divorce, probate, pre-foreclosure, and more.

Regardless of your property issues, you’ll find relief fast with Sell Florida Properties Fast.

Be smart, compare your options

Traditionally selling a home on the market can be a time-consuming, expensive and painstaking process.  Today, most consumers are taking cash offers for their homes.

Compare your options Sell Florida Properties Fast logo Other
Process Convenient and simple Uncertain and complex
Timeline 7 days on average Typically 6 months
Commissions Never! On average 6%
Closing costs Paid for by us On average 2%
Repairs needed to sell We buy “as is”. Don’t worry about repairs or cleaning. Most likely
Upfront cost? Never Typically

When push comes to shove… selling your home the traditional way can end up costing you more time and money than selling your home fast for cash in Florida.

Sell Florida Properties Fast

Our straightforward process helps overwhelmed homeowners unload their troublesome properties fast.

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Step 1. Tell us about the home you want to sell fast

Fill out a quick questionnaire about the home and schedule time to discuss your options.

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Step 2: Receive your fast, free, fair cash offer today

Review your zero pressure, no obligation, all cash offer.

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Depending on your closing timeline walk away with cash in as little as 7 days.

Sell Florida Properties Fast, Florida’s trusted cash home buying specialist.